East Lancashire Road Club & Rochdale CTC

Best All Rounder


The 2020 winners are:
Senior Male - Shaun Donnelly;
Senior Female - Georgina Cape;
Juvenile - Sam Kelly


The current leaders of the 2021 competitions are
Senior Male - Shaun Donnelly;
Senior Female - Suzanne Millar;
Juvenile - Sam Kelly

The annual Best All Rounder (BAR) competition is open to all nationally registered CTC club members holding valid current CTC membership throughout the relevant season (from end March to early November each year) beginning with the Presidents Ride. Points are awarded for prescribed qualifying events(see below) throughout the season, with winners trophies being awarded in three categories as follows.

  • Senior Male
  • Senior Ladies
  • Juvenile (male & female together); for BAR purposes this is anyone under 17 at 31st October

The qualifying events, and relevant points allocation, are currently as follows (changes, if any, will be made by committee decision, normally "out of season" only).

  • Thursday Club meeting attendances - 2 points each
  • All official Club runs - i.e.Saturday Steady rides and Sunday Short, Medium and Long rides - 4 points each
  • Presidents Ride - 4 points.
  • All Reliability Rides (see separate page) for events and points awarded.
  • Pre-selected "sportive" events (see calendar for details) - 3 points each
  • End-of-season Club Competitions - hillclimb, freewheel, and slow bike ride, will each be awarded 10 points for 1st down to 1 point for 10th.

Note: Any "ladies only" rides or midweek "ad hoc" rides will not qualify for BAR points.

Make sure you have sent your details to Shaun Donnelly by Tuesday of each week. If you are in a group, gather the names in the cafe and send them via email to Shaun Donnelly or WhatsApp to 07583087524.

Check the calendar for dates of events.