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Your ridden Audax kilometres are only added after you send your validated brevit cards or the Audax Sec., Shaun has evidence you have completed the ride and are awaiting validation. Take a picture and email Shaun Donnelly or WhatsApp 07583087524. These can take a few weeks to be returned to you so expect to fall behind whilst waiting for them unless we have other supporting evidence. For example, the new E Brevit details.

Tuesday is BAR and Audax update night. All information received will be uploaded to the Club tables every Tuesday evening. This gives you time to send weekend event information.

There are also several Audax events added to the calendar. If you fancy riding one of these, let Shaun Donnelly know as he is riding them and will help with transport and support for first time Audaxers.

The table below shows the current Audax competition standings. Click a column header to sort the column, type in the search box to find a name. To get full results for a rider select their row.


The 2020 winners are:
Shaun Donnelly


The current leaders of the 2021 competitions are
Ayaiz Ahmed and Shaun Donnelly holding 2nd and 1st respectively